Wednesday, January 13, 2010

What percentage of gay COUPLES have 3-somes or swing?

Recently went to blackpool for the first time and found a lot of gay male couples that have fun together and apart. Not sure so much about the lesbian couples

I'm surprised I couldn't find a similar question in the archive. I hope Yahoo isn't unduly censoring very normal and inexplicit questions as usual!...What percentage of gay COUPLES have 3-somes or swing?
I'd guess that 50% of couples try it, and a much higher number than that have engaged in some kind of group action.

Have done it in the past, with mixed results. Usually, they go great, or they go very badly

Have no plans to ever do it again. But who knows....What percentage of gay COUPLES have 3-somes or swing?
I was as surprised as you when I discovered this trend. It has been my experience that most of the gay couples I've met who swing have been together for at least five years. I think it is more common among long term couples. So to answer your questions, it's as common as long term gay relationships.
Not really sure, but in my own experience I have only been in one relationship where we started to have three-ways. I would say just 10% from my own experiences. That number is most definitely higher I'm sure, in the real world outside of my personal relationships.
well about 75% of the population is gay but dudes its about 20% out of the 75. so that leaves u with about 15% more % like 3somes
I never have so I really couldn't tell you. Sorry.
I think it depends a bit on how you define your terms:

A lot of gay men are not really ';dating'; in the conventional sense (that is, they are glorified F-buddies). To suggest that they are couples is a stretch. Because gay men can, they do. (Which is my way of saying that straight men do it is just less common because women find the ';lifestyle'; far less appealing when the partners become random and number in the double digits)

So, exclude those men.

Group the rest of the male couples into (1) partners and (2) married. Partners follow gay rules and may even be a bit hostile to rules/traditions with a straight past. Married couples see themselves more traditionally: ';soul mates'; and often emulate straight traditions that they find appealing.

Both groups are more open than straight couples on the whole but they incorporate rules of monogamy and exclusivity most of the time.

My observation is that a large number of group (1) -- 40% ? -- incorporate rules of ';swinging'; into their (private) agreement to become committed partners...that is, they agree in advance or along the way to the when, where, how, and who of other sex partners. Group (1) is also much less likely to break up over sexual excapates and to talk about fantasies openly.

Group (2) is much more like the straight population: maybe 5% swing (openly) at some point along the way.

My partner and I are in Group (1) and openly hostile to gay people following straight traditions. We don't ';swing'; -- probably because I am too old %26lt;evil grin%26gt; -- but we have an open relationship: if we talk about it before, during, and after with each other, it is okay.

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